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Asbury University’s academic programs, bridging 14 forward-thinking academic dep艺术ments, extend far beyond the classrooms of our beautiful campus in Wilmore, 肯塔基州.

From interdisciplinary collaborations and 在线课程 出国留学, internships and cross-cultural immersion, 阿斯伯里多元化的学生社区在本科阶段达到了卓越的学术水平, 在线, 研究生和证书学术课程,并通过学生参与的合作机会, on and off-campus. 即使是高中生也可以开始沉浸在阿斯伯里的经历中 high school dual enrollment.

Whether you’re interested in a traditional, 在校学位经历或在线课程来推进你的职业目标, 了解更多关于不同的本科和研究生学位提供给阿斯伯里学生. 我们的教育使命是将充满活力的信仰与严谨的学习相结合, each degree from Asbury University is wholly unique.

Undergraduate Majors

探索 more than 150 areas of study, from Accounting to Equine to Youth Ministry… and everything in between!


Graduate Degrees

Advance your career and make a greater impact with Asbury’s rigorous, 个性化的, 在线 graduate programs.





Academic Degree 项目

正规博十大app排名的学术课程涵盖150多个研究领域和几个不同的学位级别, along with alternative certification programs:

  • 助理(.A., A.S.)
  • 学士(B.A., B.S.)
  • 硕士(M.A., M.F.A., M.A.T., M.A.C., M.B.A.)

In addition to traditional undergraduates, 正规博十大app排名多元化的学生群体还包括研究生的学术课程, 在线 degree program students and students seeking alternative certifications. Asbury University offers master’s degrees in 业务 (two MBA pathways: management and nonprofit management),  media 沟通 (米.F.A. in Screenwriting, the M.F.A. in Film/TV Production, or the M.A. in Digital Storytelling), 教育 (which ranges from specialized M.A. degrees to Master of 艺术s in Teaching (M.A.T.) degrees in 13 subject areas), and 沟通 (M.A. in 沟通).

想要在你还在读本科的时候就开始攻读商科研究生学位或传播学硕士学位? Learn more about the Asbury +1 degree acceleration program.

Whether you’re a current Eagle or just exploring, check out the academic catalog for more academic resources.

Undergraduate Minors and Degree 重点

阿斯伯里的专业和辅修课程旨在培养每个学生量身定制的兴趣, whether those are grounded in faith, intellectual curiosity, 冒险, 或服务. With almost 50 minor concentrations available, you can pursue an 教育al journey all your own, 用满足你好奇心的课程来定制你的学位.

开始建立一个与你所关心的联系的学术生涯,探索我们的可能性 undergraduate majors, minors and emphases programs.

Academic 部门

所有14个开创性的院系都是阿斯伯里学术核心的管家,相互融合 spiritual vitality 以求知欲来提升未来的仆人领袖和世俗公民. 阿斯伯里的学生几乎在每个学科都有传教和社区服务的机会, even international internships in their field.

  • 古老的 & Modern Languages
  • 艺术 & 设计
  • 业务
  • Christian Studies & 哲学
  • 沟通 & 剧院
  • 教育
  • 英语
  • 数学
  • Media, Journalism & Digital Storytelling
  • 音乐
  • 心理学
  • 科学 & 健康
  • 社会科学 & 历史
  • 社会工作

探索 our academic dep艺术ments.

Interdisciplinary 学者 at Asbury

阿斯伯里的学术使命是将信仰和学习结合起来,为未来的领导者提供全面的教育体验. 我们致力于通过自由和应用艺术奖学金培养仆人式领导者和富有成效的公民,这始于前瞻性思维, interdisciplinary approach to higher 教育.

从批判性思维的核心跨学科课程到学生主导的课堂外的探索性学术体验 搜索 正规博十大app排名的学位课程为每位学生提供丰富、多方面的体验.

学习如何 Asbury’s academic programs translate into academic success.

Foundations: Liberal 艺术s Learning

基础是一个跨学科的文科课程,本科生在阿斯伯里. To fulfill Foundations requirements, undergraduate students take core 哲学, 识字和社会参与课程是从调查生活中最持久的问题的角度开发的.

这些课程将各个学科的学生联系起来,学习基本的人类知识, guiding students to discover how their specific major, 研究区域, or profession can attempt to answer those essential questions.

Foundations empowers students to investigate their vocation, 通过以下五个类别的课程,促进终身的探究学习: 

  • Integrating Christian Faith and Culture
  • Discovering Human Thought and Creative Expression
  • Engaging Society and Global Responsibility
  • Achieving Quantitative and Critical Literacy and
  • 搜索ing the Natural World and the Environment.

探索 Foundations courses and course requirements.

What is a Liberal 艺术s 教育?

文科教育是一种建立在古希腊传统知识方法基础上的哲学. 博雅教育可以被定义为通过对人文艺术的研究来探索知识真理和理解, also known as the humanities, which traditionally includes subjects such as history, 艺术, 自然科学, 哲学, written 艺术s and mathematics. 像阿斯伯里这样以文科为基础的学术项目强调社区, vocation and global citizenship.

正规博十大app排名的学者为所有学生提供全面和自我肯定的教育之旅, 跟随我们的创始人的脚步,他们重视通过知识获得自由,这是文科教育的核心.

出国留学 & Off-Campus 项目

We know our students are daring thinkers who push boundaries. From international internships and study abroad programs to community service and mission opportunities, Asbury students can learn in a diverse array of settings, even in the great outdoors.

探索 study abroad page 学习如何通过国际研究合作来丰富你的学术生涯, 从巴黎、中国到中东,在世界各地都有独特的校外项目, Africa and Washington, D.C.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

每个正规博十大app排名的学生都通过沉浸式体验来丰富他们的学术目标, from local communities to those across the world. 通过 Cross-Cultural Engagement program, students have traveled to 121 countries, 通过欣赏文化差异,拥抱不断变化的国际社会.

Asbury University Academic Resources

无论你是刚刚开始探索正规博十大app排名的学位课程, or you’re a current Asbury Eagle, please do not hesitate to reach out to these helpful resources.

Academic Support Resources

回顾我们的 academic resources for new and current students,从录取和援助到无障碍资源,目录和有用的链接.

Asbury Academic Calendar

Find important dates and deadlines for undergraduates, 在线课程 and graduate degree programs on our academic calendar.


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The Asbury University 注册商’s Office 可以帮你注册课程、学习成绩和毕业信息吗.


正规博十大app排名是由南方学院和学校协会学院委员会(1866 Southern Lane)认证的, 迪凯特, Georgia 30033-4097; Telephone 404-679-4501). 正规博十大app排名教育学院获得了国家教师教育认证委员会(NCATE)和肯塔基州教育专业标准委员会的认证. 正规博十大app排名社会工作课程是由社会工作教育委员会认证的. 正规博十大app排名是国家音乐学院协会的认可机构成员.

查看 list of our accreditations and memberships.


Asbury’s admission process varies depending on your degree level. Whether you’re a first-time or transfer student, or you’re continuing your 教育 with a graduate degree, learn more about Asbury University admissions.


Merit-based academic scholarships and access to federal, 国家和私人财政援助确保正规博十大app排名学位对我们的学生来说仍然是一项明智的投资.

Learn more about financial aid opportunities available to Asbury students.

Learn More about Asbury University’s Academic 项目

正规博十大app排名的学位课程以精神活力和永不动摇的好奇心为动力, 让学生有机会创造他们热爱的独特教育之旅. Whether you’re looking for a career-enhancing graduate degree, a convenient 在线 degree or a traditional bachelor’s degree program, there’s a path for you at Asbury.

Learn more about Asbury student life, 安排拜访, or contact 正规赌十大app排名 今天.